User Replace for Windchill

User Replace for Windchill is add-on software to Windchill PLM environments.   Many companies must, regularly, replace users in the Windchill system due to changes in roles within the organization.  The ability to easily swap out users and their associated roles, groups, and tasks is critical to allowing processes to move forward as intended.  User Replace for Windchill is a time saving tool that automates this process to allow administrators to quickly reassign tasks and other assigned elements to a new user saving.

The Basic package allows users to

  • App works from a Windchill client.
  • App accessible only from the Windchill Admin login
  • User Search for selecting old-user & new-user
  • Display Checkout objects by the old user
  • Restrict User Replacement if old-user has Check-out objects
  • Old-user replaced from ALL Groups, Roles and Workflow-Tasks

The Advanced package allows the same functionality as the Basic package but this the following advanced capabilities.

  • Undo Checkout in batch for All or Selective objects.
  • Link to open Checkout objects, directly from list of checkout objects.
  • Old-user replaced from selective Groups, Roles and Workflow-Tasks.
  • Old-user’s objects can be reassigned to Multiple New Users.
  • Sort columns based on Groups, Roles, Tasks that needs to be replaced.


Click for Downloadable Data Sheet:

User Replacement app for Windchill